Palestine thoughts

by Miguel de Icaza

Recently I was having a discussion about the Palestine situation with my friend Jody. And there are a couple of things that I have been thinking about since that discussion:

First, we should all strive to preserve Human Rights. That is the only foundation in which we can have a meaningful debate.

Take a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And ask yourself whether Ariel Sharon is violating or not human rights.

Second, Spain has dealt in a pretty interesting way with terrorism in the Basque country. For instance, they have not resorted to establishing curfews on the entire population because there are terrorist groups in the region.

They have not resorted to blaming the entire Basque countrie for the crimes of a few.

A million people in Palestine are under curfew, that is also a human rights violation.

Bush's plan on Palestine

What an Israel Officer has to say about Bush's policy on the Middle East.


An article on peace activism in Israel: here

More Killing

Ha'arez reports on `How Abd a-Samed became the 116 child killed in Gaza'. 26% of those killed in Gaza are children.

Libert�, Egalit�, Fraternit�.

Rodolfo said something very interesting in Uruguay. In modern culture, most people realize the importance of the french revolution's "Libert� and Egalit�" (although, as some people say, those with money are more equal than others). But we do not generally acknowledge the importance of the Fraternit� piece.

Gnome has been for some time been seen as a hippy project, because we originally used some nice flowers on our web site. I think that many of the people involved with gnome and free software were of the fraternit� kind.

Anyways, something worth keeping in mind.


Interesting list of questions and answers on the Palladium.

This raises the question of whether governments are serving the people that elect them, or are serving other interests. The war on drugs, the Ucita, the Dmca, the war on communism, and the war on terror.

Posted on 02 Jul 2002