by Miguel de Icaza

I have signed my lease to my new apartment. Very cool, and in a nice location. Will be moving out by the end of August.


Switched to the development branch of Evolution (RupertZilla) for my day to day work. I use a peculiar view of the calendar and have a lot of information, which made Evolution 1.0.x quite slow. The new version is about three times faster.

Also, incorporating e-mail into evolution is dramatically faster for indexed mailboxes, thanks to Michael Zucchi for the new indexing engine which can cope much better with large volumes of e-mail.

Finally, the new user interface touches are really nice in RupertZilla, something that I was missing. I decided to switch because all of the bug reports that I had filed before in Bugzilla have been taken care of now.

Also, the new composer is gorgeous, and allows for multiple-language spelling. Since I write in Spanish and English this is very helpful.

Posted on 15 Jul 2002