trip intro

by Miguel de Icaza

Today I start my trip to South America to promote free software, GNOME and Mono. Three cities, five days, nine airplanes.

Of special importance is the meeting with the Congressman Edgar Villanueva and the team creating the law for the use of free software in the state. The Congressman became famous for his reply to the objections that Microsoft sent about the proposed law.

Coverage on Slashdot took a few weeks after the actual reply; The Associated Press is running a story with an update as well.


The trip begun at 12:30 Boston time, I was as usual late for the airplane, I only had time to get a bottle of water and get into my emergency exit row on time.
Eating before going into an American Airlines flight has become rather important. You would think that when American Airlines acquired TWA, they will bring the good features of AA to TWA. For instance, that you would finally get decent food in TWA.

Instead the opposite happened: Now American Airlines gives either terrible food, or none at all.


Over the Ecuador.


I was received by some members of the Lima Linux Users Group at the airport. We went for a tour of the city.

While looking for a place to have dinner, we did a stop and found some ponchos. I took this opportunity to purchase a few souvenirs. I will be using them on the next winter in Boston.

Posted on 23 Jun 2002

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