NY Times

by Miguel de Icaza

On E-Mexico, I spoke to Graham Gory from the NY Times, and it just got published

Ingo Rammer

Today I had a little chat with Ingo about OpenOffice. He tried it out after a while. I left to walk around Boston in one nice day, and found this on my logs:

*Ingo* ok. I tried OpenOffice
*Ingo* I'm impressed
*Ingo* I could open a chapter from my book and everything
 (including "track changes") worked. WOW!
*Ingo* I then created an XLS which would interface with my 
SQL server and should be able to refresh the data
*Ingo* it also worked
*Ingo* hmmm ...
*Ingo* this makes me think

I hope Ingo does not mind the quote.

Open Office

Great news about Open Office 1.0: They do have a pre-compiled setup for people who want to focus only on improving a little part of it. Now, rather than having to build the entire beast, you can just compile and hack on a tiny portion!

Posted on 19 May 2002