79 days under curfew

by Miguel de Icaza

Israel has kept three million people under curfew for 79 days now. The article goes on to describe how Israel is seizing illegaly more Palestinian land.

That means roughly since late June.

How did the summer treat you? Some nice vacations on the beach? Did you get to travel around the world? Maybe have a challenging summer internship?

I know I got a lot of fun, and traveled a lot this summer. In the meantime, a nation was ketp under house arrest, some of them shot, some of them do not have food, and no access to medical facilities.

The war against terror in Israel and Palestine is nothing but a smart spin on ethnic cleansing.

How is this any less evil than the worst attrocities in humanity?

A few days ago, I made a list of Human Rights that are being violated by Israel, here is the list:

  • Article 2:
    Not every person has the same right, there is active discrimination based on race/religion
    . Palestinians are subject to military law, while Israelis are subject to civil law.
  • Article 3:
    Israel actively puts the life of civilians in danger
    Israel curfews limit 3 million of palestinians liberty
    Israel uses summary executions without a trial and kills people
  • Article 4:
    Conditions for Palestinians working on Israel is one of servitude.
  • Article 5:
    Israel interrogation mechanisms are reportedly using torture
    Curfews put population under inhuman treatment
    Curfews prohibit people from getting supplies and medicine they need
  • Article 7:
    Palestinians are held to military law in various zones in Palestine, while Jews are subject to regular Israeli law
  • Article 9:
    Israel uses its fight against terror to engage in ethnical cleansing
  • Article 10:
    Suspects are not tried before a tribunal, but summarily executed
  • Article 11:
  • Article 13:
    Curfews since April violate this right
    Palestinians are not allowed to re-enter the land that belongs to them
  • Article 17:
    Looting by Israel Defense Forces to demoralize the population violates this principle
    The stealing of Palestinian land is ilegal

Posted on 09 Sep 2002