Washington: October 26th

by Miguel de Icaza

This weekend, am going to Washington DC for the `Stop the War on Iraq Before it Starts' demostration.

End the War and End the Sanctions

Pictures from Iraq from the Voices in the Wilderness gallery: First, second, thid and children drawings

Iraq Peace Team

Today I found the Iraq Peace Team web site.

Posted on 23 Sep 2002

Mono Survey

by Miguel de Icaza

If you use Mono, or are interested in Mono, please fill the following Survey to help us plot its future.


Evolution got a great review on PC Magazine.

Posted on 19 Sep 2002

Pilger Documentary on Palestine.

by Miguel de Icaza

Pilger's Documentary available as a web page. It was broadcast yesterday in the UK on ITV.

Wish this got some coverage outside the UK though.

Some are more equal than others.

Salon is running an article on the War on Drugs and Jeb Bush regarding the different treatments that his daughter gets, and what other ten thousand drug offenders get.

Posted on 17 Sep 2002

The Video

by Miguel de Icaza

See the movie trailer for Occupation 101.


New Fisk:

So a few thoughts for the coming weeks: remember the days when Saddam was America's friend; remember that Arabs committed the crimes against humanity of 11 September last year and that they came from a place called the Middle East, a place of injustice and occupation and torture; remember "Palestine"; remember that, a year ago, no one spoke of Iraq, only of al-Qa'ida and Osama bin Laden. And, I suppose, remember that "evil" is a good crowd-puller but a mighty hard enemy to shoot down with a missile.

Posted on 16 Sep 2002

Understanding the problem in Iraq

by Miguel de Icaza

I found this history of the Iran-Iraq war very enlightening about the real reasons behind a war against Iraq. I will summarize it for you: US control over the oil in the Middle East.

The control is not required because a need on the Middle East oil, but because Japan and Europe are highly dependent on it. You want *your* companies profiting from that oil, and not someone else.

It also explains why Britain wants to get some piece of the action. In fact, they have always wanted to get a piece of the action.

Posted on 15 Sep 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

My University acquired the rights to the photographies from the 1968 student movement in Mexico and released the digitized pictures to the government. They will be making the material available on line.

Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing by Israel.

Edward Herman does --of course-- a much better job than I do at showing all the international laws violated by Israel on his Israel Approved Ethnic Cleansing article.

Reports from Palestine

Direct from Indymedia. More civilians being shot.

Posted on 13 Sep 2002

NY Times

by Miguel de Icaza

The New York Times is running an article piece on Mono.

Posted on 12 Sep 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

So all my pictures for the best part of the day turned greenish. A phenomenon that can only be explained by the multitude of settings that the camera has, compounded with my random knob moving.

By the end of the day, I had figured a few things, but now everything is turning out red. The automatic mode in the D60 is not as simple as the one in the S40, not to mention that there is no way to get flash-less automatic.


Nelson Mandela warned Bush and Blair about war against Iraq.

Chomsky's Drain the Swap and there will be no more mosquitos.

Posted on 11 Sep 2002

Das Experiment

by Miguel de Icaza

Today the Boston Film Festival showed Das Experiment. The movie was very intense and disturbing. Intense as very few movies I have seen in my life, indeed, it is hard to tell when was the last time I got so scared.

Anyways, we learned while leaving the movie (from a German girl that had seen the movie before) that they had removed from the end the subtitles that said `The events of this movie aren based on the Stanford Prison Experiment.'

It is even more scary that this actually took place.

I feel uneasy reading the experiment description from the professor, because to him it was only an experiment. The only place where he redeems himself a bit is where he ponders a number of questions at the end about the prison system.

From this site, I ran into the Peace Psychology papers, I have not checked them all yet, but there are some interesting bits.

Anyways, the movie stresses one interesting part based on the research from the Stanford Experiment: people in a position of power are bound to break the rules, and seem to enjoyed it.

This makes the need for strong rules where human rights can be violated not only extremely important, but they have to be carefully monitored.

Just found a reviewat FilmCritic.

New Camera

Today I met a very nice photographer called Rick Friedman who was carrying a Canon D60. I was shocked to see someone carrying that camera, as it is just about impossible to get your hands on that, I have tried, and I have looked every web site on the Internet, and that camera is just unavailable.

Well, Rick was nice enough to actually call a friend of his in the area that actually carries the camera and was able to give us one. So today after work, Peter and I went to check out Zeff Photo this store, which was about 20 minutes away from the office.

I got back with the camera and all sorts of extra toys for it, now its time to take some pictures and see if I can match those from Juantomas with his mighty Canon Ixus.

Now the next step is to get either a compact flash with 512 megs of ram and 24x access speed, or to get the IBM 1gig Microdrive, decisions, decisions.


I just got DSL at home, but it seems to be slower than the public Newbury Open Wireless network that I was using before. Although with the DSL I can actually use irc and https POST (I have no idea why https POST did not work with the open network)


Quick status report: Martin is working on a C + CIL Debugger that we should be able to use very soon; Paolo and Dietmar are fixing our existing bugs in the runtime, and working on new optimizations for the JIT engine; Dick and Duncan are fixing bugs on the underlying class libraries and finally Gonzalo is working on the ASP.NET code.

Posted on 10 Sep 2002

79 days under curfew

by Miguel de Icaza

Israel has kept three million people under curfew for 79 days now. The article goes on to describe how Israel is seizing illegaly more Palestinian land.

That means roughly since late June.

How did the summer treat you? Some nice vacations on the beach? Did you get to travel around the world? Maybe have a challenging summer internship?

I know I got a lot of fun, and traveled a lot this summer. In the meantime, a nation was ketp under house arrest, some of them shot, some of them do not have food, and no access to medical facilities.

The war against terror in Israel and Palestine is nothing but a smart spin on ethnic cleansing.

How is this any less evil than the worst attrocities in humanity?

A few days ago, I made a list of Human Rights that are being violated by Israel, here is the list:

  • Article 2:
    Not every person has the same right, there is active discrimination based on race/religion
    . Palestinians are subject to military law, while Israelis are subject to civil law.
  • Article 3:
    Israel actively puts the life of civilians in danger
    Israel curfews limit 3 million of palestinians liberty
    Israel uses summary executions without a trial and kills people
  • Article 4:
    Conditions for Palestinians working on Israel is one of servitude.
  • Article 5:
    Israel interrogation mechanisms are reportedly using torture
    Curfews put population under inhuman treatment
    Curfews prohibit people from getting supplies and medicine they need
  • Article 7:
    Palestinians are held to military law in various zones in Palestine, while Jews are subject to regular Israeli law
  • Article 9:
    Israel uses its fight against terror to engage in ethnical cleansing
  • Article 10:
    Suspects are not tried before a tribunal, but summarily executed
  • Article 11:
  • Article 13:
    Curfews since April violate this right
    Palestinians are not allowed to re-enter the land that belongs to them
  • Article 17:
    Looting by Israel Defense Forces to demoralize the population violates this principle
    The stealing of Palestinian land is ilegal

Posted on 09 Sep 2002

Boston Film Festival

by Miguel de Icaza

Today I went to see a movie to the Copley Place movie theater, which I try to avoid, as the seats are far from great, but seems like every bad movie is playing on the comfortable theaters, and all the good ones are playing either here or Kendall.

I noticed that the Boston Film Festival was going on, and got a ticket for Interview with the Assassin. Not only good, but the director introduced the movie and there was an questions and answers session at the end.

Great performance from Raymond Barry as the asssassin.

Posted on 08 Sep 2002

Israel's military sports.

by Miguel de Icaza

Darts in the chest: just following orders.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's published an interesting piece in the Washington Post: The Troubling Face of America.

September 11

A new piece from Howard Zinn talks about the ignored issues after September 11.

This reminds me I also found something interesting from the Freedom of Information Act a few days ago. This includes the Church Report that describes the covert operations of the US in Chile, and the financing of anti-Allende activities including the organization of the 1973 State Coup.

The State Coup was carried out on on September 11 1973. Estimates range from six thousand people killed to ten thousand during the first few weeks of the dictatorship.

Posted on 07 Sep 2002

Chomsky on Iraq

by Miguel de Icaza

New Interview with Chomsky on Iraq

Posted on 06 Sep 2002

We dont have any photos...

by Miguel de Icaza

of his weapons of mass destruction... -- From the Independent.

War Blogs

Today as I was reading Trevor's log I found a link to Warblogger watch. This is a site dedicated to keeping an eye on all the nutcases advocating war.


Microsoft Research released their prototype CLR and C# compiler with support for generics

Posted on 05 Sep 2002

Israel: terrorist state.

by Miguel de Icaza

30 of 49 Palestinians killed by Israel in August were civilians and other stories of Israel state terrorism.

Hardly a controversial view, here is Noam Chomsky addressing the same question


Girlfriend Ana has setup a new web page

Posted on 03 Sep 2002