Gnome goes Enterprise!

by Miguel de Icaza

I have not seen this reported yet anywhere, but as I was flipping through the pages of the newspapers on the airplane on the way back from Frankfurt, I noticed that Sun has signed a deal with the UK to provide 500,000 of its desktops based on Gnome, OpenOffice, Mozilla and Evolution.

A second batch of congratulations for our competitors/collaborator friends at Sun. They got one million users for GNOME in China. 1.5 million desktops: not bad, not bad at all.

The guys got a very good review from eWeek: Sun Rivals Windows, Office. An interview from a couple of months ago with Jonathan Schwartz is here. This one about their desktop effort.

XD2 is also doing well

Here is a review of our own XD2 in Open for Business.

Novell article on Mono

Richard Smith has published an intro to Mono in the Novell CoolSolutions.

Posted on 08 Dec 2003