Big recommendation

by Miguel de Icaza

I am loving Wilson's Ghost. A book from McNamara that did not get enough coverage when it came out (few months before 9/11).

Read the reviews on Amazon, as there are some great comments about it.

Open Season

Israel will start killing people in other countries that they identify as dangerous.

Countries with a lot of power, by trying to define the rules of engagement are basically destroying the work of those that lived through the war and wanted to create mechanisms that would stop it. I have been reading the new book from former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on the subject. Every mechanism that he recommended to put in place as part of international policy is getting backed out in this world of war against terror.

Allowing this seems like an extremely dangerous policy for the world to allow. But there is little that can be done about it. Lets hope we do not become annoying to those running the show and we do not become targets that have to be silenced.

Last year, two armed Israeli Mossad agents were captured last year inside Mexico's congress. They were detained and sent out of the country.

MacOS: Innovate, get sued.

Apple was welcomed by many of us because they decided to open source pieces of their operating system (Darwin).

Darwin is the core of the operating system, but does not cover the more interesting "upper layers" like the advanced windowing system, their framework libraries to create end-user applications or their collection of iTools. But any contribution is good to open source.

The code open sourced is for an implementation of Unix built on top of Mach. It has been improved over the years, and some of those improvements are very good. Sadly, Mach is a microkernel architecture. It has been demostrated time and again that microkernels are more inefficient than monolithic kernels. So today you have to need to get a more powerful computer to perform the same tasks that a smaller computer would do, as the operating system consumes those resources.

Anyways, today by reading, I ran into a project call ICommune. These people are extending in some way the non-open source iTunes component from the MacOS to allow people to export music as if they were file shares. The project got a letter from Apple:

Uh oh... I just received a "Notice of Breach and Termination of License" letter from Apple, stating that I violated my license to the Device Plug-in API which iCommune uses. For the time being, I'm making the download unavailable, while I try to sort things out with Apple. Sorry about this folks. Any good lawyers in the house?

State of the Union Address

Found this state of the union address. Its funny because its true.I

Posted on 17 Jan 2003