Going to Bangalore

by Miguel de Icaza

Am taking a plane to Bangalore in a few hours. This trip is to meet with my colleagues at Novell/Bangalore who will be working in Mono (starting next week) and also to attend the Bangalore Linux Conference. Will be talking about Mono as a development platform, and meeting with some of the existing contributors to Mono and Gnome that have e-mailed me.

On my way back, am planning on stopping by Germany and Spain, but the exact dates and locations have not been sorted out yet.

The Mono team is in good hands, with a flury of activity on every corner: we are advancing quickly on completing the .NET 1.1 APIs for the Mono 1.0 release, and a few team members have been amusing themselves implementing features from the .NET 1.2 release.

As I write this, am migrating my album from my mPhoto software to Ettore's F-Spot photo management application (both written in C#, but Ettore has done a much better job than I did with mPhoto ;-).

Lastly, I have been playing with Cairo in Gtk#, and having a fun time using it from C#, it needs a bit of loving which am going to be doing on the airplane, and will have something to check in when I land in India.

Cool link of the day, comes from Brad Adams blog: http://broken.typepad.com/

Posted on 28 Nov 2003