Arrived to Bangalore

by Miguel de Icaza

A very pleasant journey to Bangalore. At the lounge in Boston they had Champagne and Burritos:

Champagne and Burritos For the Traveling Connoisseur.

During the six hour layover in the Frankfurt airport, I did some low-hanging-fruit hacking: reduced MCS compilation times and memory usage a bit more. On the airplane I managed to get Gtk# using Cairo# which required fixing various Cairo# issues, and adding some custom features to Gtk#. Will check those in, once we decide on the new name for the `CairoState' object, which we currently call `Cairo.Object' which is just not right.

Barb wire, keeping someone out of something.

Planet Novell

Following the steps of PlanetGnome, Novell now has an aggregated service of Novell blogs at Planet Novell

Monodoc Editing

Added some helper buttons to assist the folks writing documentation with Monodoc, also we have now activated the Monodoc editing web service, so those users that are using Monodoc CVS are now able to send their contributions back from the GUI.

Our web service is running on Mono ASP.NET with the Apache2 module. For the curious, our web service is hosted here.

Posted on 29 Nov 2003