Robert Fisk on the attack on Syria

by Miguel de Icaza

The article is here, and I had forgotten about the Syria Accountability Act that was making the news last year until I ran into Robert's article today.

Multi-threaded MonoLogue: Gonzalo has fixed all the runtime bugs

We modified the Monologue software to use multiple-threads to download the RSS feeds concurrently, and this exposed a couple of tricky bugs in the runtime and our DNS setup. Gonzalo was on a quest to track all of these problems down, and our abusive version of Monologue is now fully functional.

Now the major source of problems was not a Mono bug, but a dead-lock condition that was not obvious. Turns out that Monologue/threaded happened to fill the Threadpool queue (no surprises there: threadpool will just take care of things), but the Http code needed a thread from the pool to download things (the API is using the async version of this as well), and that caused a deadlock.

Posted on 07 Oct 2003