Mono Meeting at the PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

Wondering about the organization of a meeting of Mono users at the PDC, it seems like Monday afternoon before the reception, or Thursday are good time slots for getting together.

Alternatively, the Mono folks will be wearing the cool Mono t-shirts, so if you are interested in discussing a Mono topic, feel free to come and join us.

Nat in Bangalore

Today's most beautiful blog update goes to Nat for his fantastic photographic update on the Bangalore trip and his insight on his trip to ramp up the new Novell open source hackers that will be working on improving Gnome, OpenOffice, Mozilla and Mono.

In other news, am going to Bangalore in early December, and I have to plan something with convenient stops in the middle. It has to involve a Paris stop, so I can meet the Mono hackers in Paris, and introduce myself to Fabrice Bellard.

Gnome Summit: New York City

In November the Gnome Hackers will descend into New York for the Gnome Summit where we will talk about the major problems facing the Linux desktop today. This event is a follow up to last years Boston Gnome Summit.

There are tons of new topics for this year that I am looking forward to discuss:

  • Hardware detection: Havoc has posted some initial thoughts on on how to hook hardware detection systems into the stack of applications in the desktop.
  • D-BUS is maturing as a system-wide broadcast and messaging system, and it will be nice to see it plugged into the desktop. We are still lacking Mono bindings for it though.
  • OpenOffice has changed massively since last year, and has a few killer features. It took Mozilla three years to go from open-source code base to best browser on the desktop. And developers are slowly, but steadily joining the OpenOffice project. Am looking forward to meet Michael and get an update on it.
  • Mozilla is now on its own, without their original corporate backing, a change of landscape, and am looking forward to meet the Galeon, Epiphany and Firebird developers.
  • Would love to find out what the OSAF guys are up to, and if they have demos, even better!

And of course, get everyone to adopt Mono for their projects, as we know it is the One True Runtime (bug reports, happily accepted

Posted on 18 Oct 2003