The history of SWT and Swing

by Miguel de Icaza

While doing my daily reading of the SWT-port-to-C# reading this morning, found this post that describes the torrid story of Swing and SWT.

Update: That document contains various errors on the side of the origins of Swing. For more details see this thread.

Amy describes her experiences with the iPod and a native user interface here. Very good point about using native interfaces. Firebird already has a couple of XUL-based clients that let the user browse Amazon more comfortably than using the regular Web interface.

Al Franken's book

I have been reading Al Franken's Lies book. It has been entertaining for the past couple of days, but it turned out really interesting on the chapter on the Clinton efforts on the war against terror and how the Bush administration dropped the ball on that (chapter 15, but it shines on chapter 16).

I tried writting a summary, but its impossible to make justice to those two chapters. It is particularly interesting, because Franken got a team of Harvard graduates from the Kennedy school to fact-check everything he wrote.

Anyways: mandatory reading if you stop by a book store.

Cant wait

To see The Band on the Runtime perform

Posted on 04 Sep 2003