by Miguel de Icaza

Yesterday I arrived to Barcelona for the Novell Brainshare event.

Got together with Chema, Lluis and Nat. Went relatively early back to the hotel, and discovered that we had wireless access, so we hung around until 4am. Nat's humor quality is directly proportional to how long he has gone without sleeping.

Monodoc editing

In our effort to improve the documentation in Mono we have been working on a GUI tool to browse all kinds of documentation (Monodoc), but we need more people documenting our APIs.

To address this problem, we are making it really simple for people to contribute documentation: we have made our documentation editable. When you are viewing a stub, you have the choice to edit it; For example:

        To be added [Edit]

I recently added a preview viewer for it, for example here we are editing some documentation:

All those changes are saved into a changeset, that the contributor can submit when he is ready. We will submit those using Mono's web services infrastructure. When the changes are reviewed and approved, we commit those to CVS, and they appear on the next release of the code.

This same infrastructure will help for our collaborative annotations for the documentation. This is important to have people share their personal experiences and samples for any given API.

Posted on 07 Sep 2003