by Miguel de Icaza

Just coming back from the HispaLinux congress in Madrid. This was a very short trip: only two days in Madrid, traveled all this and did not have enough time to eat enough ham.

Update on Extremadura from Jose: they are 100,000 Linux desktop machines in the administration and 276 machines on public centers. The public machines are fewer than the 1,500 from the Telecentros, but still a healthy number.

Try Ximian Desktop 2

The fine folks in Spain have a Live CD with Ximian Desktop 2. You can try Ximian Desktop without installing Linux on your machine, the whole system runs from a CD.

OpenOffice gets .NET support

Federico pointed me to the announcement of OpenOffice's support for C# and the CLI, it is here:

We are pleased to provide a preview of the CLI-UNO language binding. It gives developers the possibility to write client programs for, as well as stand-alone UNO applications, with CLI languages, such as C# and VB.NET.

The details about the language binding are here:


The Microsoft PDC program is getting more and more interesting. As a sneak preview of the table of contents of a System.Xml/System.Data based book shows. Dare also sent me a link to the ASP.NET changes. Fantastic!

Posted on 24 Sep 2003