by Miguel de Icaza

My e-mail now consists of 40% of spam after it has gone through SpamAssassin, in the mornings or weekends it is 50% of it.

These days I use Mutt to manually remove the spam before I incorporate my e-mail into Evolution where the mail gets split in plenty of folders (and would make spam removal harder).

Is everyone else getting this same volume of trash?

Big News of the Day

Of course, the big news is that Microsoft has released an internal project called "WiX" as open source and is being hosted in SourceForge. A good move, since it gives a lot of people confidence that the license used is an open source license, without having to spend some quality time reading every sentence of a new license.

From the blog entry from one of the authors you can see that Stephen Walli was behind making this happen. I first saw Stephen doing a talk on startups and VCs at Usenix, on the early days of Ximian, and I remember taking notes frantically. Later I had a chance to meet him at OSCON in Portland.

Posted on 05 Apr 2004