Made with Mono

by Miguel de Icaza

Jon Johansen's used Mono and MonoDevelop to build DeDRMS, a program used to decrypt the music you purchase from iTunes Music Store.

I tried it out, and I was able to play the music I had purchased on Linux, it is really nice.

Johansen was on the #mono channel, and we got a chance to look into some of the performance issues in Rijandel. Ben noticed something interesting: plenty of our array access was done with a byte value on an array that always had at least 255 elements. So he cooked up a patch that does said ABC elimination.

A more comprehensive patch has been cooked by Massimiliano (who joined Novell today to work on Mono) which hopefully will make it before Mono Beta 1.

Roadmapy things

A series of dates for the Mono 1.0 have been posted.

Posted on 26 Apr 2004