Vacations Over

by Miguel de Icaza

Fantastic vacations in Brazil, today am leaving Rio de Janeiro and going back to Boston.

Mono Develop

pedro, tberman and jluke have made a tremendous amount of progress on their effort to port SharpDevelop from Windows.Forms to Gtk#. They got intellisense working, the shell and are now porting the various smaller dialog boxes, which is a great sign of the progress, in only three weeks.

Martin has been improving the reliability of the debugger. The debugger is made up of a core API and various "interfaces" to it. The only one working today (the others have bit-rot) is a bizarre command line language.

Before I went on vacation, I was debating what to do about the UI for the Mono Debugger, I thought we should write a new debugger by pulling as many nice widgets from the gIDE/Anjuta efforts and redo the debugger, but now with MonoDevelop being available it only makes sense to integrate the debugger directly into the IDE instead of creating a new UI just for the debugger, and we get to reuse syntax coloring, intellisense and the other SharpDevelop shell features.

Once MonoDevelop matures a bit more, it will make sense to also do port the code coverage GUI to it, implement a GUI for the profiler and move Gtk-NUnit# to it.

Posted on 04 Jan 2004