Peter William's new Build System

by Miguel de Icaza

Peter today announced his new MBuild tool. A replacement for Make/Ant/Nant/MSBuild.

As we discussed the various benefits that MBuild has over other systems on irc in #mono, I came to a realization: There are tons of good new, fresh ideas in MBuild. Which is quite unusual in a build system.

The tarball is available here: Start at the README, and then check out doc/Manifesto.txt.

Bush in 30 Seconds

The finalist videos are out, you need QuickTime to watch them.

Slow day

Slow day, mostly administrivia, coping with the new office at the new building. We moved from Boston to Cambridge, very close to Quantum Bookstore. Still got a chance to check up jwz's livejournal and tried to use BlogLines to browse my blogs.

Good article

Can not remember where I found this link today, from George Soros: The Bubble of American Supremacy..

Posted on 05 Jan 2004