On the Google IPO

by Miguel de Icaza

Mitch Kapor: "In a better world, would all public corporations be more accountable to their shareholders? Hell, yes. But today's shareholders are, in the main, no better than the vast majority of companies they invest in. They only really care about their financial upside, not the means by which it is achieved. Exploitation of labor here and abroad a la Wal-mart, environmental degradation, and massive corporate welfare through government subsidies and sweetheart deals a la Halliburton are perfectly acceptable sources of profit and make for perfectly good investments most say."

Summer movies: The Corporation and Farenheit 9/11

Trailers are now available on Rotten Tomatoes, and a list of dates in the US

Can not wait to see Michael Moore's new movie, opens on June 25th!

Venus Transit

Venus Transit on Tuesday.

Posted on 05 Jun 2004