Mono 1.0 is out

by Miguel de Icaza

We vastly underestimated the Slashdot effect. There were 85k hits in the first hour since we went live, and then the machine collapsed under the weight and has remained in that state despite repeated attempts to get some data out of it.

None of the betas really had this problem, we got some mild load, but today the load on the machine was insane.

I made a few posts today: New Windows.Forms plan, the new cvs rules in the post 1.0 world and finally a thank you note to developers.

Mike Kestner has posted an update on Gtk# in the release.

Afternoon at Usenix

I had a great afternoon at Usenix, met lots of good friends again.

Tomorrow: Rob Pike's keynote at 9am.

Posted on 30 Jun 2004