Paolo's follow up

by Miguel de Icaza

For those keeping up with the language debate in Planet.Gnome, am linking to Paolo's excellent second follow up on the subject. Paolo is not yet aggregated in Planet.Gnome.

Paolo touches on why the ECMA CLI VM is a better VM to pick and describes his gives his view on the patent risks.

Preparing for Brainshare

Am getting ready to attend the Novell Brainshare conference in Salt Lake City this coming week. This trip agenda is pretty packed.

Am doing two presentations on Advanced Development with Mono as well as attending plenty of meetings with users, customers and reporters. Am looking forward to demostrate some of the latest developments in Mono and MonoDevelop

Sadly, we are not bringing our SPARC to the show to demostrate it, as it is kind of heavy ;-).

Am doing a talk at a local users group, but I can not find the e-mail with the information for my presentation, so if you know what it is, please mail me the information.

Latest Mono Develop

Installed the latest MonoDevelop from CVS. It now comes with integrated Mono Documentation (from MonoDoc) and the Mono Debugger.

New Planet

Discovered Blogs at MSDN, fascinating stuff on all things .NET related. For those interested in tracking Avalon and XAML, you also should check out Longhorn Blogs.

Posted on 20 Mar 2004