Mono Brainshare Presentations

by Miguel de Icaza

Thanks to Pedro Santos I got a full list of the Mono Brainshare PPT files:

  • Introducing Mono for Developers [ppt];
  • Advanced Mono Development: Best Practices [ppt];
  • Mono: Developing and Deploying .NET Applications for Linux [ppt];
  • Mono: Rapid GUI Application Development on Linux [ppt];
  • Developing ASP .NET on Linux with Mono - ainda n�o h� o ppt dispon�vel
  • Using Mono to Develop the Next Version of Novell iFolder [ppt];
  • Developing with the System.DirectoryServices Namespace API for Mono [ppt].

Notice that the slides that Erik and myself used were slightly different than those that we published for the event, as we continue the long tradition of `Redo your presentation the night before'.

Posted on 30 Mar 2004