by Miguel de Icaza

Being the optimist that I am, I will go to sleep thinking that the count is not complete, and that the Electoral College will fix the world for us. If the supreme court made some hand tuning to democracy last time, I will hope some other hand tuning can still happen.

Slashdot browsed at +5 has some very interesting comments

Harper has a guide for those who want to Leave the Country and there is a list of reasons not to move to Canada.

To me, its like an adventure, like in the Timeline movie: we get to go back to the middle age and explore a world where science and intelligence are a liability.

Nixon got impeached on his second term, there is hope ;-).

NPlot for Gtk#

In the paste few days I had been doing a Gtk# facade for NPLot: a wonderful library to do plots.

There was not much in the way of porting. NPlot alredy supported two front-ends: an ASP.NET one and a Windows.Forms one, so this is only an addition. The engine is completely independent of the presentation layer, which is good.

NPlot exposed bugs in our C# compiler and in System.Drawing, they are both fixed on CVS HEAD and the 1-0 branches. Sadly these fixes came after Mono 1.0.4 and 1.1.2 were built, so to use it you will need to get CVS.

The sources are available here. And here it is in action:

NPlot Gtk

Erik discovered NPlot a few weeks after Nat and myself were talking about widgetry that we would like to see available for developers. We were talking about scientific (2D plots, 3D plots, animations) and business widgetry (validating data entries, Gnumeric-like data entry, database-bound widgets).

NPlot fills the 2D plotting gap quite nicely. We had looked at some Gtk+ solutions, but this solution requires no bindings at all and can also work in batch mode or to produce plots for web applications.

Posted on 04 Nov 2004