Massi posted SSAPRE for Mono!

by Miguel de Icaza

Massimiliano just posted his implementation of the SSA-based Partial Redundance Elimination (for an explanation, see Massi's presentation).

This is an important milestone in Mono's runtime to improve the performance of computationally intensive tasks. The patch is only 2069 lines of code.

Massi previously implemented the Arrays Bound Check eliminination in the Mono VM. Congratulations Massi!

Personal Web Sharing

Am now using GPWS to share files from my computer at home.

Hasan has a blog where he talks about his Gtk# experiences.

Updated NPlot

I have updated NPlot to version 0.9.7 and improved the widget performance. You still need to use CVS mcs and libgdiplus to get it to work.

Code drop is here. Now with a spicy makefile.

Matt (the maintainer of NPlot) said that he wanted to distribute the Gtk# moving forward.

Ariel Faigon on Usability

An interesting presentation from Ariel Faigon on usability and another one on testing

Posted on 05 Nov 2004