by Miguel de Icaza

At ApacheCon today, just finished my keynote, there is a video and audio of it here.

The slides of my presentation are here.

F-Spot failed during the demo, the problem was that on CVS Geoff just made Mono.Data.Sqlite support both the old Sqlite and the new Sqlite3, a tiny logic error gets the autodetection wrong (which is now fixed).

Dmitry Robsman, myself, Scott Guthrie, Daniel López

With the creators of ASP.NET (Dmitry and Scott) and the original author mod_mono (Daniel).

Daniel is at the conference demostrating at the conference is BitRock installer for Unix which is an Install-Shield like installer for Linux, BSD, Solaris and Windows and works with in GUI, text or unattended modes.

As a proof of his installer, he has a sample Mono installer for Linux that includes XSP and Apache for folks that want to get a quick head-start on Mono. The simplest Mono installation on Unix so far.

There is a lot of Java presence, and some PHP presence at the conference.

In other news: am running IBM's Derby in Mono, without having to write a line of Java. Love!

Posted on 16 Nov 2004