Genuinely Interesting Hack

by Miguel de Icaza

John Luke blogged about Lazlo. Lazlo is very similar in spirit to Macromedia's Flex: it is a server-side XML markup for creating applications with JavaScript as the programming language for it.

Like Flex it produces Flash files dynamically, and it is implemented using Java. An adorable project, worth helping those guys out.

A demo of Lazlo can be seen here.

Spanish Mono Article

Jordi Mas (from our Windows.Forms team) has written an article in Spanish about Mono: Beyond .NET.

Happy Anniversary Jackson

Jackson has been with the Mono team at Novell now for a year.

Most Missleading Foreign Policy Statements from the VP debate

Someone had the patience to do it: here. This one is particuarly packed with jewels.

And for healthcare, there is this one.

Since am linking, a new Mark Fiore episode: The Few, The Contractors.

Farenheit 9/11

Got my Farenheit 9/11 DVD yesterday and I watched the beginning of the movie again. As awesome as it was when I first watched it, and comes with some extra footage and complimentary material.

Watching it for the second time, I felt that there was so much more that could be added to the movie and spice it more with what we know since the movie was released. It is still a very powerful movie.

Posted on 07 Oct 2004