Mono Day in Bangalore

by Miguel de Icaza

Vasu has posted a description of the events on the Mono Day at Novell Bangalore. It describes some pretty cool demos that they did.


If you were looking for information about the now extinct Dodo, look no further than here. The first match in Google is not about the Dodo, its about some Internet provided in Australia.

Mono's XML stack

We learned from Dare that XML 2 was going to get some features cut, which is a good thing for us, as there is less to implement. Kind of a shame, since Atsushi has a good foundation for XQuery already on the Mono tree. Until XQuery is added back to the Framework, we will likely distribute a Mono.XML assembly that contains our implementation of XQuery for those interested in using it before the next major revision of the .NET Framework.

Atsushi had been working on our XQuery implementation for Mono, and has some insight on its current design and limitations.

Sean has lost his mind

From Todd's blog I see that Sean has decided to shoot Gaim in the foot: look at this this monstrosity.

To add humor to this, Nat found the the ChangeLog entry for it:

Modified Files:
 Log Message:

Simplified the prefs dialog by replacing the tree with tabs.
You may think this is a bad idea, but it"s not.

Posted on 14 Oct 2004