100 facts, 1 opinion

by Miguel de Icaza

Interesting article: 100 facts, 1 opinion.

Btw, you can not use `Fox News' as your fact check source ;-)

Cleaning up the Record

Yahoo picked up on the removal of transcripts of the from the White House web site. The removals include some priceless gems.

For those running to the wayback machine to look for the originals the Whitehouse web site has been updated with a robots.txt file to avoid it.

Gnome Notifier

Thanks for all the e-mail on the Gnome Notifier. Am not interested in turning this prototype into a working product, there are better efforts underway. The point I was trying to make on my last post was that early on I realized that we needed the notification system to do more than just show a message: it is important to be able to have a list of actions associated with it that I can click on.

My toy Gnome Notifier was written a few years ago as a sample program that I wanted the Gnome people to productize. It was not meant to be a real or completed program.

Linux and Windows

Nicholas Petreley has a Security Report on Windows vs Linux.

Posted on 24 Oct 2004