Back from Barcelona

by Miguel de Icaza

Noticed that Matthew MacLaurin from MS research weight in on Nat's work on the dashboard, WinFS and metadata.

Paco has posted a nice update for those who want to use Gtk# on Windows: simple installers and integration into Visual Studio as well as videos to see for yourself how to use it.

Nat's keynote presentation this morning was excellent: plenty of content packed in the fifteen minutes they had allocated, and they showed some Groupwise integration, F-Spot and collaboration features using iFolder.

The best feature of iFolder in my opinion? Being able to share the folder with myself in different computers: my laptop, my Windows box at work, my Mac at work and my two computers at home. The idea is simple: now all the data gets replicated and I no longer have to worry about which machine has the latest version of a draft.

Massimiliano explains his SSAPRE implementation for Mono. Massi has been working on implementing the large optimizations for the Mono JIT engine.

Gonzalo and Ben have been working on making Mono's ASP.NET implementation scale and perform better. The upcoming 1.1.1 release will contain all the goodies. Get ready to be impressed.


I will be in Mexico City on Tuesday. To reach me, call my US cell phone number, I doubt my local phone works anymore.

Posted on 16 Sep 2004