by Miguel de Icaza

Joshua is a long time contributor to Mono and on his copious spare time he works maintaining the GovTrack.US web site. He has just completed his port from Perl to Mono.

Let me quote Joshua:

So now if you go to, you get my new and improved Mono-powered site. I probably said this last email, but using Mono has been unbelievably easy and helpful.

Congratulations to Joshua! And we will keep an eye on Monologue for his comments.

Mono book at XML conference

Edd reports that his Mono book was the top seller at the XML Open conference:

O'Reilly had a book stall at XML Open, and I was very glad to hear that Mono: A Developer's Notebook was the best-selling book during the conference. Very amusing, for an XML conference!


The way that people can help best is to ask for the book in their local stores and get them to order it. If lots of requests show up from stores, then it really helps make a case to the central buyers for ordering it.

Posted on 29 Sep 2004