Mono Meeting at the Microsoft PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

There are many new things in the new Mono that are worth showing and talking about to folks at the PDC this year.

Am afraid this year the Mono BOF will not be accepted again at the Microsoft PDC. My submission was reviewed on Tuesday and it has still not shown up in the voting list for BOFs, chances are voting for it will only happen (if it happens at all) on Saturday/Sunday, clearly the worst days to get any votes on.

At the last PDC the Mono BOF had the largest number of votes when half the spots were still available and it got dropped out of the list. When I asked the various people in charge what happened they kept pointing fingers at someone else until it reached full circle. Nobody could tell me why the most voted BOF proposal did not get selected. I would be happy with an honest answer even if it is "We do not want to promote open source/Mono/Novell" instead I heard a number of variations on "The problem is that `New frontiers for 6502 assembly language in the copy-editing industry had more votes'" (it didnt).

Anyways, this PDC ts looking just like the last one. So it is time to get ready for a Mono meeting like we hadthe last time: in the middle of the hallway. Last time we picked a spot in the middle of two concourses which had enough space and chairs to hold our meeting (about 80-100 people). I will do some scouting on Monday and find a good spot and a good time to hold the meeting and announce a meeting place here.

If you get to the PDC early, and you know the spot where we had the meeting the last time and you can provide directions, please email me.

Posted on 25 Aug 2005