Jon Stewart

by Miguel de Icaza

Last night's Jon Stewart show kept me on the brink of suspense since Jon announced that Christopher Hitchens would be the guest on the program. Hitchens being probably the best informed person and probably the only articulate person backing up the war on Iraq is a difficult bone to chew, and I knew this was going to be an interesting interview.

Jon sometimes chooses to not confront head-on his guests on the show when they representing dissenting ideas. With Hitchens it was different, he asked directly "explain to me why I am wrong" and had the best comments on the debate.

The episode was fantastic, if you missed it Crooks and Liars has the interview and in my opinion one of the best openings on talking points.

My other show

Nat recently introduced me to Discovery Channel's Mythbusters a TV show that looks at urban legends and looks at how plausible those myths really are. Am hooked on it.


Not being a native speaker means that sometimes my spelling is not great. I depend on Emacs ispell and Evolutions speller for many things, but recently I have started using Google's "define:word" to look up word definitions. Its just two keystrokes away: C-j define:word ENTER.

Posted on 27 Aug 2005