Wednesday Links

by Miguel de Icaza

The Jesus General has a funny graphic, reminds me of Jack London's Iron Heel.

The Release of Mrs. Anthrax: So it turns out that the story on Mrs Anthrax was not what the occupation forces told us. Shocking. At the time of detention there was an article that raised the same questions.

The P.U.-Litzer Awards awarded to the foulest media performance in 2005. Funny.

Here I am George, Come and Get me: A Christian peace activist has a few words for the emperor. This is obvious, but I have been thinking about it: isn't it funny that those pitching the sanctity of Christmas are none other than the war-mongering Fox? Am I missing something?

Editorials on the new emperor powers that George has vested himself with: Bush Must be Held Accountable; on his attempts to stop publishing the news and keep it a secret; Republican Jesus weights in; Jesus General open letter: Defending our Values Brutally; Bush as Nixon; Fafblog's There is no War in Warrant.

ElBaradei's Nobel lecture transcript is now online.

Jamie has a bunch of great articles on his "Today in Treason News". Pay special attention to why impeaching Bush is a bad idea.

Posted on 21 Dec 2005