Mono Sandboxing

by Miguel de Icaza

With Mono 1.1.4 we shipped our first VM with the support required to implement sandboxing. We have yet to deploy all the attributes on the libraries to have a useful sandbox for users.

Sebastien has written two articles on this: here and here.

Update: Sebastien has posted a third article on the sandbox.

Mexico Politics

In Mexico the federal government is doing everything on its power to avoid the most threatening candidate to the incumbent party to run. They are doing this by using a loophole in the election process which will prevent the candidate from running for office. The story has been developing for a few months, and a summary of it is available here.

President Fox and a judge from the supreme court have been caught conspiring against the candidate (Andrés Manuel López).

Love Erik

Erik added me as his buddy on the Amazon insta-ship program so I do not have to pay for shipping and handling for 2-day delivery.

Its been a crazy last couple of days.

Posted on 23 Feb 2005