Mono Updates

by Miguel de Icaza

Jb Evain has two screenshots about the new IL disassembler: here and here

Tomboy has been updated to work with Mono 1.1.4 (Mono's 1.0 C# compiler allowed for invalid code to be compiled).

Eugenia put together a large list of Gtk#/Mono-based applications.

If you are using Mono from SVN you can use `xsp2' to try Lluis' latest work on supporting ASP.NET 2 features: dynamic menus, trees, master pages and the beginning of the grid control are in now.

NPlot for Gtk#

I have updated NPlot/Gtk# to the latest version of NPlot, the tarball is here

F-Spot smoother than ever

Larry has been doing a lot of work in making F-Spot smoother, now it is possible to quickly browse through pictures in full-screen mode. Also importing of images into the library is faster than ever, F-Spot takes only a couple of minutes to bring 6,000 pictures into the library now.


Photo Storage in Travel Times.

I got four gigabytes worth of compact flash cards and two digital cameras for my trip to Istanbul and Beirut. The problem is where to backup all this data.

I have seen that there is a plug for the iPod that downloads compactflash images into the ipod. This is almost ideal (I can use my old ipod). But are there other things I should be looking at for backing up photos while traveling?

Send your recommendations to [email protected]

Mono Wiki Migration

Been busy moving the Mono Web Site to MediaWiki, following the footsteps of the Hula project.

On Nuclear War

A Chomsky talk excerpt: "Nuclear Terror at Home":

There's a document called The Essentials of Post Cold War Deterrence that was released during the Clinton years by the Strategic Command, which is in charge of nuclear weapons. It's one of the most horrifying documents I've ever read. People haven't paid attention to it.

The PDF to the above document is available here.

Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

RMS has some interesting comments on his blog about Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuela).

Greg Palast did an interview with Hugo Chavez after the failed coup. Various tid-bits about the events from last year.

The World Social Forum in Brazil this year had Hugo Chavez as one of the speakers, it was packed:

At the Chavez Presentation.

Laura Went.

Posted on 27 Feb 2005