ASP.NET and scalability

by Miguel de Icaza

Some people have drawn the wrong conclussion about J2EE and ASP.NET in terms of scalability. All that I said on the interview is that J2EE was entrenched on a segment of the application server market, in particular in the segment where the project budgets are north of two million dollars (this is what our research a few years ago showed). My data is from the research that we did in 2003 as part of a Mono Survey that talked to various companies about ASP.NET and J2EE.

I do not personally track carefully enough the scalability and speed claims made by the Java or .NET camps when it comes to application server performance and scalability. All that our research showed back then was that people investing those large sums of money were using a combination of expensive non-Intel hardware and were purchasing expensive application servers and suites on the high and Java had been on that market for longer than ASP.NET.

In my subjective opinion ASP.NET is thiner, lighter and simpler to grasp than the J2EE frameworks out there.

Posted on 28 Jul 2005