Link Fest 2005

by Miguel de Icaza

  • Michael Zucchi reimplements the IMAP backend in Evolution: I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but it could potentially solve all the existing IMAP performance issues, well, about as well as they can ever be solved..
  • Joseph Hill on MonoLive: the new mono-live project on Novell Forge. Beyond being a source repository, the Forge has bug and feature trackers, so I hope you'll use those tools to submit your suggestions / publicly lodge all of your complaints.
  • Edd Dumbill authored a podcasting client: Unfortunately, none of the obvious Linux podcast software really fitted my needs. Either too lo-fi (bashpodder) or just completely scary (iPodder). So I started to write my own. Monopod is a simple Podcast client.
  • OpenSolaris was released last week. Glynn has a few good introductory links here.
    The source is available on Bittorrent as well.
  • Mark Fiore's's PainMan: his take on the ban of medical marijuana.
  • Sebastien Pouliot on preventing integer overflows.
  • Morten Wellinder talks about the limitations in the OASIS OpenDocument Standard.
  • Rafi Mizrahi on how to do regression tests for image libraries and his implementation for System.Drawing.
  • The Downing Street Memo: the largest embarrassment of the war on Iraq so far. The democrats met to discuss it (C-SPAN real player stream).
  • Greg Palast written testimony and a timeline with photos is here.
  • Robert Fisk asks why Saddam's interrogation was screened in silence: The pictures the BBC BBC admitted, were "mute". What in God's name did this mean? Who emasculated the BBC to such a degree that it should say such a ridiculous thing? Why were they mute? The BBC didn't tell us.
  • Robert Fisk on torture.
  • Brazil, Argentina and India stall patent reforms, demanding that any harmonization treaty include provisions on technology transfer, anti-competitive practices and safeguarding of public interest flexibilities. Go Brazil, Argentina and India!

Posted on 19 Jun 2005