by Miguel de Icaza

Monotheca is a niche application for those interested in organizing their video collection but it shows the love that the author had for his trade: polished, HIG compliant, well-laid out.

Posted on 20 Jun 2005

Link Fest 2005

by Miguel de Icaza

  • Michael Zucchi reimplements the IMAP backend in Evolution: I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but it could potentially solve all the existing IMAP performance issues, well, about as well as they can ever be solved..
  • Joseph Hill on MonoLive: the new mono-live project on Novell Forge. Beyond being a source repository, the Forge has bug and feature trackers, so I hope you'll use those tools to submit your suggestions / publicly lodge all of your complaints.
  • Edd Dumbill authored a podcasting client: Unfortunately, none of the obvious Linux podcast software really fitted my needs. Either too lo-fi (bashpodder) or just completely scary (iPodder). So I started to write my own. Monopod is a simple Podcast client.
  • OpenSolaris was released last week. Glynn has a few good introductory links here.
    The source is available on Bittorrent as well.
  • Mark Fiore's's PainMan: his take on the ban of medical marijuana.
  • Sebastien Pouliot on preventing integer overflows.
  • Morten Wellinder talks about the limitations in the OASIS OpenDocument Standard.
  • Rafi Mizrahi on how to do regression tests for image libraries and his implementation for System.Drawing.
  • The Downing Street Memo: the largest embarrassment of the war on Iraq so far. The democrats met to discuss it (C-SPAN real player stream).
  • Greg Palast written testimony and a timeline with photos is here.
  • Robert Fisk asks why Saddam's interrogation was screened in silence: The pictures the BBC BBC admitted, were "mute". What in God's name did this mean? Who emasculated the BBC to such a degree that it should say such a ridiculous thing? Why were they mute? The BBC didn't tell us.
  • Robert Fisk on torture.
  • Brazil, Argentina and India stall patent reforms, demanding that any harmonization treaty include provisions on technology transfer, anti-competitive practices and safeguarding of public interest flexibilities. Go Brazil, Argentina and India!

Posted on 19 Jun 2005

Alan's Wedding

by Miguel de Icaza

This weekend we went to Alan's wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Adri�n, Mancha, Alan, Patrick playing.

Adri�n, Mancha, Alan, Patrick playing.

Laura and Mancha at Breakfast

Maria Laura and Maria Vielle.

Posted on 13 Jun 2005

Extending OpenOffice with Mono

by Miguel de Icaza

Michael provided a screenshot from the work that MartinK and himself have been doing on adding support to write extensions for OpenOffice in Mono:

OpenOffice hosting Mono with its script.

Laura in Porto Alegre

With the Mono Brasil group in the FISL conference last week:

Laura and the Mono Brasil developers.

Posted on 08 Jun 2005


by Miguel de Icaza

Philip, C# and the CLI have built-in support for async workers. Every delegate has support for asynchronous execution with BeginInvoke and EndInvoke.

Posted on 06 Jun 2005

Video Blogging

by Miguel de Icaza

Nat: do you want me to record this?

Robert: You are recording this.

Nat: am not recording.

  • Video

    Robert: you are not blogging this.

  • Video

    Nat: we are traveling at one half a mile per hour.

  • Video

  • Posted on 06 Jun 2005

    Glynn's 101 Things to Know About Gnome

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Awesome presentation available here.

    Posted on 02 Jun 2005

    Scripting Evolution with C#

    by Miguel de Icaza

    Michael Zucchi brings us C# bindings for Evolution.

    Look at his incredibly cute program.

    Posted on 01 Jun 2005