Ajai Raj at University of Texas

by Miguel de Icaza

Ajai Raj attended a presentation from Ann Coulter in Austin, was arrested for swearing and being lewd. A very articulate article:

So yes, the Q&A session came around, and it was pathetic. Her slack-jawed fans got up and licked her face so she could pat them on the head--one schmuck offered to be her bodyguard, and she smiled, doubtlessly making a mental note that she wouldn't touch his nether regions if she were King Midas. Liberal protestors posed well-intentioned but woefully timid questions and got shot down in a hail of ignorant shitfire from the She-Dragon. Standing in line awaiting my turn, I watched her send a moderate Republican, who had questioned the sheer incendiary magnitude of her rhetoric, walk away in tears when she tore him apart for daring to question her.

So yes, I saw my "opportunity to say something lewd and offensive." And I took it.

But the whole blog entry is worth reading.


The Ganon scandal is getting more spicy. Using the Freedom of Information Act, a couple of members of congress obtained the records that show entry time and departure of Jeff Ganon, the fake reporter into the White House.

Most of the records are normal, but there are a number of inconsistencies: multiple-entries with no exits recorded; Multiple exits without an entry recorded; Extended stays and double visits after press conferences.

Speculate away.

Iraq War: Fixing Facts

The famous memo is here:


From: Matthew Rycroft
Date: 23 July 2002

Greg Palast says Impeachment Time and Tom Paine publishes Ray McGoverns' explanation

Iraq Taxi Rides

From Tom Tomorrow a transcript from Meet The Press about how things are getting better:

MR. FILKINS: Yeah. There's actually a company in Baghdad that does nothing except offer rides to the airport and back. They've got an armored cars and some guards. And they charge $35,000 for...
MR. RUSSERT: Thirty-five thousand dollars?
MR. FILKINS: ...for a ride to the airport. And I think you know, if you miss your plane and you have to come back, it's another $35,000. But...
MR. RUSSERT: How long--is it six miles?
MR. FILKINS: I think it's about six miles, yeah. It's not a happy six miles. So, you know, they earn their money.
What's striking about this is that if you read the entire transcript, both of these reporters actually seemed to think that things are generally improving in Iraq--proving once again that everything is relative...

Posted on 05 May 2005