Fafblog and the Medium Lobster on Revisionism

by Miguel de Icaza

Very amusing: the Medium Lobster sets the record straight on the invasion of Iraq.

Also from Fafblog: Great Moments in History: God Hides...

Fun with abused Web Standards

Some people fell in love with the idea of REST-based web services. But they mistakenly confused REST as `encode the operation anywhere you want, send and parse the document in any way you feel, hey we can do whatever we want as long as we use http'.

The problem was that they did not follow the directions in the small print, and the Google Accelerator was the first application to byte them in the ass:

  • Here is what they saw
  • Here is the hillarious I told you so post:
    Well, you didn't listen to me, did you 37Signals? Did you? Now Google releases their Web Accelerator and your application is broken. Apparently you used GET to delete items from Backpack and when Googles Web Accelerator pre-fetches that URI in you web app, items get deleted. Let's make this clear, Google didn't break your application, your application was broken, Google was just the first person to point it out to you. Do you feel the pain? Do you feel it?

This is a good example of something that people predicted would break (Dare has a post here).

Not being a web developer, I just kind of watched the debate without much insight on what was going on until now.

Posted on 08 May 2005