Stuttgart, Pilsen, Prague, Paris

by Miguel de Icaza

I will be doing two keynotes at Guadec in Stuttgart and at the .NET Technologies in Pilsen.

I have strategically placed a few cities on this Eurotrip to visit some friends and meet with some developers in the way. If you want to join me for lunch, dinner to discuss Mono, .NET, Gnome, free software or Linux write me an email to my gmail account [email protected].

The dates are as follows:

Update: Sorry about the dates. A bug in my brain prevented me from incrementing the month to June. The dates above have been fixed.


A few new ideas for C# are being tried out on Spec#. It is taking steps into building tools to prove the correctness of the code. This is done by integrating into the language things like pre-conditions, post-conditions, object invariants, non-null types and checked exceptions. A separate tool is later used to do a lint-like process on the program.

File Systems in C#

You can now write your own user-level file system in C# bindings are here

Paco, r0ml, Stephen in Boston

Tonight Ben and myself had dinner with Paco, r0ml and Stephen which all happen to be in town this week. Sadly I did not take any pictures, but Paco might have some images to share later on.

It was one of the most fun dinners I had in a while everyone had tons of stories to share. We went to Casa Romero one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. Ben ordered "shrimp with something". Only later he learned that "something" was a sauce of corn parasites. He seemed to like it.

Only today I found that r0ml's not only had a blog, but he was raised in Brazil as a kid. His portuguese is vastly superior to mine, even after having being married to a brazilian for almost two years.

Posted on 13 May 2005