Cross Language Integration

by Miguel de Icaza

Lluis S´┐Żnchez from the Mono team on his blog produced two screencasts: (first and second) which demostrate how Mono allows code written in C#, Boo and Java to work transparently with each other.

The demo shows:

  • The latest MonoDevelop IDE in action: creating a project made up of components and libraries written in multiple languages.
  • Three different languages consuming the Gtk# API.
  • The Mono Debugger in action. The debugger is a library and there are two front-ends that consume this library: a GUI front-end as seen on this screencast and a command-line front-end.
  • MonoDevelop's new templates for Boo and Java.
  • Three different languages instantiating and inheriting code from another language.

The Java magic is achieved through IKVM and the GNU Classpath.

Read Lluis' blog for more information on the futures for MonoDevelop.

The screencasts: first and second.


Hisham has been working on Mono bindings for the Enlightenment (EFL#). You can find the bindings on the module "efl-sharp" on our repository.

Better Late than Never

Found about the existance of ccMixter: the Creative Commons site for sampling, mashing and sharing music.

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I found a use for my old ipod. It will become a Linux-powered voice recorder.

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Posted on 17 May 2005