Interesting News

by Miguel de Icaza

Sebastien posted an update on the state of Code Access Security (CAS) in Mono:

Today, actually this has been true for quite a while, we are able to run all of corlib's unit tests without any failure, including an additional 301 CAS specifc tests (i.e. that aren't normally executed). We can also execute all System.Drawing.dll unit tests without requiring, or even demanding, UnmanagedCode permissions. We also have a great coverage (including 2450 CAS specific tests) for System.Web.dll with perfect results (except for a small mcs bug on partial classes) and a few more tests (18) for System.Xml.dll.

Make sure you read the rest of Sebastien's post if CAS is of interest to you.

Mikael Hallendal from Imendio unveiled their effort to port Gtk to OSX. They had not done much publicity before as they wanted to get some code working first. Anders Carlson is behind this effort. Hopefully we will see the community pick up and a nice theme to integrate the apps with the native look of the Mac happen.

Also see the GIMP running without on OSX without X11.

These are fantastic news for Gtk# users.

Erik points to an interesting inteview:

Interesting interview of Otee's CEO on TUAW. Otee uses Mono for scripting in their Unity 3D game engine, that's the JavaScript feature they're talking about. Developers can also use Boo and C# for game scripting, thanks to Mono multi-language support.

Posted on 06 Oct 2005