C# 3.0 Q&A

by Miguel de Icaza

A C# 3.0 Q&A, a lot of folks have been asking about these and other questions. Find it here

People have been asking me when are we going to support C# 3.0.

Our current focus is on delivering a very stable platform, so we are trying to fix the bugs that people are reporting and give developers a great experience with their existing code base. This is just a basic Joel principle: fix bugs before you write new code.

Considering that C# 3.0 is still a year or two away from shipping and the specification will likely change it is best for us to polish our C# 2.0 compiler and our runtime classes than to start work on C# 3.0 right now.

The good news is that all of the new C# 3.0 features are relatively simple and it builds on existing C# 2.0 features. The specification so far is 26 pages long. It is probably one third of the effort that it took to implement generics on the compiler and the runtime.

We are as excited as everyone else about the language and can not wait to try to implement some of those features and provide feedback about it to the language architects, but this work will have to wait a few months. This is definitely not part of our Mono 1.2 release needs (that being said, if one of the contributors sends code for it, we will very likely integrate it).


In the meantime, Atsushi has checked some early work on XLinq to our repository. It has only enough code to run Microsoft's XlinqIntro sample.

Posted on 25 Sep 2005