SUSE on ThinkPad T60p, follow up

by Miguel de Icaza

Shawn emailed me, he has a ThinkPad T60p and was experiencing a few problems with his SLED 10 setup on the ThinkPad. I replied with what I had done, and luckily his problems are gone.

This is roughly what he emailed me, and roughly what worked for him, and it probably depends on the settings chosen at installation time:

Xgl was not working: to get Xgl working, go to the control center, type "xgl", run the applet that shows up, and click "Enable 3D effects", then do the usual, "yes", "ok", "I accept", "yeah", "yeah", "yeah"; The applet will log you out and log you back into Xgl. You will be done. There is no need to manually configure Xgl.

Suspend does not work: As root, go to the Power Save control applet, and change the event for "close lid" to be "suspend to ram". If you need to debug this, from a root shell, you can use "powersave --suspend-to-ram" and "dmesg", repeat until done;

X applications do not open sometimes: this is caused because DHCP is set to "change hostname on DHCP" requests. For some reason X applications are not happy with changes in the hostname. I have no idea why. I personally have not experienced this, but I guessed that it was DHCP changing the host name.

Solution: Make sure that your network setting does not change the hostname. I have no idea why this happens, but this is what happens. Just do not let DHCP change your hostname.

Posted on 07 Aug 2006