SLED Review in German

by Miguel de Icaza

Pro-Linux: I can not read German, but this page has a review of SLED 10 with cute animations in assorted video formats.

DerStandard: their review has a *ton* of screenshots.

The title: `Novell sets a new standard for the Linux desktop'. Thanks Andreas!

eWeek: Ok, this one is not in German, but its still pretty good: here, it has this to say about Banshee and F-Spot, two of the Mono based applications in SLED: SLED includes very nice photo and music management applications---F-Spot and Banshee, respectively.

These Mono-based applications should be easy to port to Windows, the article recommends Novell to get these applications supported as a Novell bundle on Windows.

Posted on 07 Aug 2006