Visual Basic in Mono: VBNC is Self Hosting!

by Miguel de Icaza

Rolf has just commited the patch to make VBNC self-hosting, the goal that he was aiming for as part of the Google Summer of Code.

VBNC is Rolf's Visual Basic 8 compiler written in Visual Basic 8, the one that we are using to replace Mono's current mbas compiler.

From his patch:

	2006-08-19  Rolf Bjarne Kvinge 
		* Bugfixes: The compiler can now bootstrap itself!!!


Congratulations Rolf!

In other news, the new VB runtime has been checked into SVN, in the module `mono-basic', this runtime is also written in VB8 unlike our previous attempt which was built on C#.

Rolf's compiler is able to build this new runtime as well.

The details of the new upgrade in Basic handling in Mono are here.

Posted on 19 Aug 2006