Mexico Mess

by Miguel de Icaza

I had not been writing about the state of affairs in Mexico for a while.

Things are not looking any more positive now.

A quick recap: the elections results are contested on many grounds, and various groups have put forward evidence that the results were tampered with (My father, has put together a number of academic studies at the results).

Anyways, the PRD has taken over some portions of the city and "camped out" and there are some beginnings of civil resistance.

The electoral tribunal has turned down the request to revisit/recount the contested ballot boxes which could very likely change the election results.

The government in the meantime has been training some para-military forces, not directly linked to the government and which is supposed to infiltrate resitance groups. These had been barred from existance in Mexico after two massacres, the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre (lead by the military) and the 1971 Corpus Christy massacre (lead by these paramilitary groups).

With the vote by vote recount request ruled out, the civil resistance seems more imminent.

Fox's government is busy getting a new paramilitary group ready for action for the upcoming State of the Union.

Very much like the 1971 paramilitary group, the new group is supposed to "blend" with the crowd; They will not be wearing uniforms, have been asked to keep their hair long, and dress casually.

Posted on 31 Aug 2006