Gulev: Free Software Conference in Cancun, Mexico

by Miguel de Icaza

Mexico is in a turmoil over the questionable elections this year.

Fighting erupted among the representatives over the new appointed president. The new president was sworn-in in a rush, the international guests barely could sit before they had to whisk him out. Link

The upside is that what is typically an incredibly boring TV broadcast that goes for a few hours was reduced to less than five minutes.

I will be talking at the GULEV conference in Cancun next weekend. The GULEV conference has been running for a few years and it has always been incredibly fun. It is usually hosted in the port city of Veracruz.

The last time I attended, my friend Arturo had just broken the screen of his powerbook. He traveled to Veracruz with an external monitor, underwear and a toothbrush.

Posted on 02 Dec 2006